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Kerston UK member firm merge announces another competitive year in the UK
17 April, 2015 Kreston UK has announced a merger between member firm BHP and Cleckheathon-based Clough & Company.
  • EY to pay $10m in Lehman brother settlement
    16 April, 2015 EY will pay a $10m settlement for allegedly helping Lehman Brothers deceive investors in the years before the bank’s collapse in 2008, it was announced on Wednesday.
  • Countdown for Singapore’s new companies act
    15 April, 2015 The Singaporean regulator, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), has adopted a two phase implementation approach for the implementation of Singapore’s new companies act.
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Audit reform: Deconstructing Europe?
13 April, 2015 Is there coordination between member states to implement uniformly the EU audit reform? Are the transposition workshops hosted by the European Commission enough for that purpose? To what extent the complex, and sometimes ambiguous, EU audit rules...
  • Iran special report: Clean slate after the embargo
    24 March, 2015 International sanctions eroding business activity, the exodus of international firms, and lobby groups calling for sanctions to be stepped up a notch. Despite the adverse conditions, the Iranian profession is proving to be resilient – while...
  • Growth at global multidisciplinary model
    24 March, 2015 Ana Gyorkos speaks to the chief executive of fast-growing global multidisciplinary association GGI (Geneva Group International), Michael Reiss von Filski
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Country Surveys

Singapore survey: Firms venture into the lion’s den
24 March, 2015 Tough competition for clients and talent, and high operational costs, combined with ample opportunities in the market make Singapore a key but tricky jurisdiction for accounting firms, as Vincent Huck reports.
  • Colombia survey: A new reality for an embattled nation
    26 February, 2015 After decades of armed conflicts, Colombia has embarked on a new kind of fight, one for its reputation, which if successful could see it become one of Latin America's economic successes. Vincent Huck reports
  • World Survey 2015: Trading places
    29 January, 2015 At the International Accounting Bulletin we titled last year's World Survey report Who dares wins, and how true that has proved to be as the industry grows on the back of investment and M&A in 2014.
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