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News briefs, firm movements: Kreston, ANTEA, TGS Global, Santa Fe, AGN, GMN
31 July, 2015 The latest additions for mid-tier networks and associations
  • Singapore adopts enhanced auditor reporting standards
    30 July, 2015 Singapore’s accounting regulator has reviewed and approved the enhanced auditor reporting standards issued by the institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) in a pledge to improve transparency and audit insights.
  • International Accounting Bulletin Awards 2015 finalists
    29 July, 2015 This year's finalists for the 2015 International Accounting Bulletin Awards have been announced and winners will be disclosed at the International Accounting Bulletin: Forum & Awards 2015 event held on 1 October.
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Interview: Sacha Romanovitch and the change in leadership models
30 July, 2015 Newly appointed CEO of Grant Thornton UK Sacha Romanovitch tells Vincent Huck why leadership needs to evolve from hierarchical structures to more inclusive models and the steps Grant Thornton UK are taking in that direction.
  • Power to the employees
    20 July, 2015 Newly appointed CEO of Grant Thornton UK Sacha Romanovitch tells Vincent Huck why she is handing the firm to the staff and how traditional models of leadership are bound to disappear
  • Role of accountants in illicit financial flows
    20 July, 2015 Pailles, Mauritius/London. Contrary to popular beliefs, Africa loses more resources from the interpretation of corporate rules and regulations than from corruption. At the Africa Congress of Accountants an expert panel questioned whether...
  • African voices
    19 June, 2015 From the island nation of Mauritius, African professionals sent a strong message to the rest of the world, pledging to become active players in the long overdue rise of their continent. Carlos Martin Tornero and Vincent Huck report
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Africa survey: Hear the roar of the African women’s silence
20 July, 2015 African leader and pro-feminist Thomas Sankara said in the eighties that he could hear the roar of women’s silence. Nearly 30 years later, African women leaders tell Carlos Martin Tornero and Vincent Huck the challenges they face to lead...
  • Africa survey: African regulators face Big Four lobbying
    20 July, 2015 At the Africa Congress of Accountants (ACOA15) four heads of African regulatory bodies from four countries tell Carlos Martin Tornero and Vincent Huck about the difficulties they face in fostering strong regulatory frameworks independently from...
  • Africa survey: Drive to create the true practitioner
    20 July, 2015 Following the plenary session on corruption and IFFs four heads of three Southern African professional bodies tell Vincent Huck how they see the role of accounting firms in the African context.
  • Africa survey: land of plenty
    20 July, 2015 Despite causes for worry the economic outlook is bright as African economies continue to grow and the push for transparency is going strong. Vincent Huck reports
  • Asia Pacific survey: Islands of growth
    20 July, 2015 No matter how large and wide Asia Pacific is as a region, in today’s business world, the region is dominated by several economic hubs, for firms success means safely navigating between these islands of growth, Vincent Huck reports
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