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US SEC charges Deloitte US with violating auditor independence rules
03 July, 2015 The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Deloitte US with violating auditor independence rules when its consulting affiliate maintained a business relationship with a trustee serving on the boards and audit committees of three...
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African voices
19 June, 2015 From the island nation of Mauritius, African professionals sent a strong message to the rest of the world, pledging to become active players in the long overdue rise of their continent. Carlos Martin Tornero and Vincent Huck report
  • Call for leaders to stand naked
    19 June, 2015 At CIMA’s annual Anthony Howitt Lecture, former PR guru Robert Philips painted a picture of a new world where public relations is dead and where business leaders stand naked. Vincent Huck reports
  • Will KPMG be caught offside in football’s scandal?
    19 June, 2015 As Sepp Blatter’s reign at the helm of football’s world governing body ends and his empire unravels under accusations of bribery and corruption the role of FIFA’s external auditor, KPMG, comes into question. Vincent Huck reports
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Country Surveys

Italy survey: Ambiguous signs that recovery may have begun
19 June, 2015 After years of political unrest and of sinking deeper and deeper into Europe’s economic mire, Italy shows signs of awaking slowly from its six-year recession nightmare. Loukia Gyftopoulou reports
  • Germany Survey: Europe’s largest market in transition
    19 June, 2015 As the race to become one of the Germany’s top single firms and networks intensifies in light of regulatory and commercial challenges, Ana Gyorkos reports on the recent developments, expectations and concerns over talent shortages
  • Spain survey: Beleaguered economy cheers up
    21 May, 2015 The Spanish accounting profession could be said to be experiencing mixed emotions as concerns over proposed changes to audit rules are tempered by an upturn in business sentiment as the economy continues to recover. Paul Golden reports
  • Turkey survey: Prosperity at the crucial east-west crossroad
    21 May, 2015 A recent boom in the number of audit-seeking clients is welcome news for Turkey's accounting industry, but any benefit could be lost as firms remain locked in a deadly price war. Against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty, Isabella...
  • China survey: Big Two square up
    22 April, 2015 International regulatory stand-offs, reforms, and economic slowdown are the ingredients of a challenging and dynamic Chinese market where firms have to tread with care, as Vincent Huck reports
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