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Probe into KPMG's audit of failed bank HBOS intensifies
05 February, 2016 The British Treasury Select Committee has upped political pressure on the UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC) over its probe into KPMG’s audit work for failed bank HBOS in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis
  • IAPA revamps its online offering
    04 February, 2016 IAPA has revamped its branding with the launch of a new website and video channel, keeping the name and logo established more than three decades ago but modernising its image to attract new members and strengthen links with existing ones.
  • Nexia International refreshes its brand
    26 January, 2016 Nexia International announced a rebranding of the network, keeping the name and aiming to tackle increased international work and strengthen its governance guidelines.
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Non-audit services and staff monitor: UK
03 February, 2016 A test on the balance between services that will shape the future of the profession by The Accountant in association with sister title International Accounting Bulletin and data analysis by Joanne Chin
  • The digital journey
    02 February, 2016 In every opportunity looms a threat - as technologic advances impact all aspects of life, firms have to respond to stay relevant Franchesca Hashemi reports
  • Politics of people
    02 February, 2016 As the range of skills needed in potential recruits widens, the war on talent remains an important topic on firm leaders’ minds, Franchesca Hashemi reports
  • Building a global network
    01 February, 2016 Kudos International co-founder Alun Morgan speaks to Vincent Huck about the challenges of setting up an international network and the opportunities that lay ahead for global structures
  • Q&A: Reporting currency fluctuations in a truly global market
    01 February, 2016 Kazbi Soonawalla is a senior research fellow in accounting at Oxford University. Her particular expertise is in financial reporting. She has examined issues such as disclosure requirements under various accounting standards to understand the...
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World Survey 2016: Data
03 February, 2016
  • Britain keeps calm and carries on
    17 December, 2015 Despite a slight slowdown in the economic recovery, the UK’s economy and regulatory framework remains attractive for foreign investors. And despite some challenges, for accounting firms it seems to be business as usual. Vincent Huck reports
  • Welcome to Australia’s Ideas Boom
    17 December, 2015 An ambitious new prime minister, the countries fourth in two years, is set to implement a series of changes to the Australian business and economic environments which will have a ripple effect on the country accountancy firms, Franchesca Hashemi...
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