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Analysis: New chair appointed at House of Cards EGIAN
24 April, 2017 It has taken nearly two years and numerous intrigues for the European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations (EGIAN) to find a new chair, but the deed is done and International Accounting Bulletin brings the latest whispers...
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What to expect from USA president Trump’s tax reform?
03 April, 2017 The USA is preparing to see the fourth major reform of its tax laws in its history, according to Randy Robason, national managing partner of tax services at Grant Thornton USA. Interview by Vincent Huck
  • Highlights International Women’s Day 2017 contributions
    03 April, 2017 To celebrate International Women’s Day, progress made and the road ahead, International Accounting Bulletin opened its pages throughout the month of March to female professionals from across the globe. All contributions are accessible online, but...
  • Editor's letter: When we won’t need to celebrate women’s day
    30 March, 2017 The fact that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election in the USA is something I’m still trying to come to terms with. Although 54% of women voted for Hillary Clinton, when a racial filter is applied on the...
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2017 Saudi Arabia survey: rankings
03 April, 2017 International Accounting Bulletin 2017 rankings of Networks and Associations in Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey survey: In the eye of the storm
    03 April, 2017 Turkey has experienced significant geopolitical challenges in recent months, both internally and externally. International Accounting Bulletin takes a look at how the accounting market has been impacted by relations with Russia, the war in Syria...
  • GCC countries on their way to taxland
    03 April, 2017 As reported in last year’s International Accounting Bulletin, the Gulf region conscious of the risks linked to its dependency to oil prices is looking for new sources of revenues, namely tax. Vincent Huck looks at progress made since last year and...
  • USA’s post-elections doubts and hopes
    06 March, 2017 Following the presidential election, of which the outcome is still very much debated, USA firms are positive about the potential opportunities that lie ahead but remain conscious of the hard balance to strike between growth and risk. Stephanie Wix...
  • Canada: surfing the trade wave
    06 March, 2017 Despite challenges in technology and recruitment, Canadian firm leaders remain optimistic on their ability to react to the global uncertainty in the market and make the most of the current commercial opportunities. Stephanie Wix reports.
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HLB International appoints new member in Puerto Rico
21 April, 2017 Press release by HLB International
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