PrimeGlobal has announced the launch of an exclusive member-only platform for all levels of professionals from member firms. This platform My PrimeGlobal is the first of its kind, as it combines data led platform with collaboration forums and member content in a unique way. The platform offers customised access to knowledge sharing through Communities of Practice, expertise-focused firm and people directory, events, insights, and learning opportunities – offering a gateway to the world of innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing for all staff at PrimeGlobal firms.

The portal is at the heart of PrimeGlobal’s five-year Strategy, with the vision that professionals will use the platform to make connections that generate business opportunities, support their clients and enable learning and innovation. It provides all professionals and firms with a customized dashboard that focuses on their specific needs and helps them connect with like-minded firms and individuals.

PrimeGlobal chief executive, Steve Heathcote, said: “In an environment where it is more challenging than ever to keep and retain talent, we are delighted to offer enhanced connectivity and service to the entirety of our firms, offering a great resource and new value to firms as part of their existing membership. This is just the start. We now have our data and services in one place, enabling us to continue to develop to meet our members’ future needs.”