Viettonkin JSC was founded in 2009 and consists of a multi-disciplinary group of consulting firms headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam

Their focus is on facilitating intra-ASEAN investments and connecting investors in Southeast Asia with the rest of the world, promoting international business relationships and strengthening inter-nation connections.

Since its inception, the organisation has experienced organic and consistent growth. They have initiated, engaged and succeeded in more than 2,000 consulting businesses and projects around the globe, all of which are related to cross-border ventures and investments, new business establishment, inter-country capital flows, international mobility, and global business expansion. Today, the group employs a total of 33, including all staff and professionals, and serves their clients also in English and Mandarin.

Viettonkin JSC aims to become a top-five leading FDI-focused consulting firm and business consultant in Southeast Asia by 2025.