The Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) is has announced its partnership with TRM Labs, a blockchain intelligence solutions firm.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for FRA as it further expands its capabilities in the ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny of cryptocurrency investigations.

Under this collaboration, FRA will leverage TRM Labs’ cutting-edge blockchain data platform and industry-leading forensics tools to navigate the intricate world of cryptocurrency transactions and provide invaluable insights to clients involved in investigations related to digital assets.

By harnessing TRM Labs’ enriched blockchain data, FRA will enhance its ability to uncover hidden patterns, detect suspicious activities, and provide comprehensive analysis in the context of regulatory compliance and legal matters. Additionally, FRA will have access to TRM Professional Services for investigative support from the TRM Global Investigations team.

As regulators and law enforcement agencies worldwide grapple with the challenges posed by digital currencies, FRA recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation and equipping its professionals with TRM Labs as a necessary tool to fight financial crime.

FRA partner, Roy Pollitt, commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TRM Labs.

“With their advanced blockchain analytics capabilities and forward-leaning team of experts we are confident that this collaboration will significantly enhance our ability to investigate and provide our clients with the insights they need to navigate complex cryptocurrency-related challenges. By combining FRA’s deep and trusted expertise in forensic accounting and investigations with TRM Labs’ cutting-edge technology, we are well-positioned to deliver unparalleled value in this rapidly evolving field.”