Abacus Worldwide, LLC has announced four new international members that will be joining the network in the near future.

Joining Abacus are law firms from Denmark, Uganda and Jordan along with an accounting firm in Malaysia. The association currently has more than 100 members with nearly 170 offices spanning 54 countries.

Abacus Worldwide president and CEO, Julio Gabay, said: “These additions get us off to a good start with our growth goals for 2023.

“They boost our legal expertise in the Middle East, particularly around Sharia issues, and offer some unique perspectives on how to organize and run a firm.”

360 Law Firm, Denmark

The Copenhagen-based firm operates across Scandinavia with lawyers certified in several countries to help clients solve cross-border challenges. The team holds certifications in Italy and Spain and does business for clients in eight languages. The firm is structured to be a central location for companies to get external services needed to manage their businesses rather than standard law firm. For more about 360, visit their website at 360-lawfirm.com.

Kleeva Associated Advocates, Uganda

The Kampala-based firm offers specialized legal services including commercial law, land law, and international development. Established in 2017, the female-led firm works with businesses, individuals, governments and not-for-profit organizations across Africa and the Middle East. For more about Kleeva, visit their website at kleevallp.com.

ST & Partners, Malaysia

For more than 30 years, the firm specializes in audit, taxation, corporate finance and management consulting, offering clients a one-stop finance and accounting solutions provider. Headquartered in the Petaling Jaya suburb of Kuala Lumpur, ST & Partners also has offices in Johor Bahru and Setia Alam. For more about ST & Partners, visit their website at stpartner.marketplaces.my.