OA Assurance PAC, Singapore is a Singapore-based CPA firm with over 20 years of combined experience.

The practice believes in delivering value through a financial data-driven and compliance-focused approach, offering a full suite of professional services ranging from Audit and Assurance, Accounting and Outsourcing, Corporate Secretarial, Corporate and Individual Tax, and Corporate Advisory.

As an owner-managed practice, they understand the challenges faced by businesses, hence they set out to be an extended team of their clients, helping companies to start things right, stay compliant, and remain competitive. OA’s values are Enterprising, Professional, Integrity and Customer-centric — which means that, as a solution provider, they really know what they are doing, practice transparent pricing, and understand clients’ business needs.

The practice was awarded the Data Protection Trustmark by Infocomm Media Development Authority in 2021, making it the first CPA firm in Singapore to receive such certification.

The team from OA is proficient in English, Mandarin and other common Chinese dialects. They have helped more than 945 businesses over the years with a broad spectrum of service offerings and one-stop solutions.

PT Amalgamated Consulting Indonesia (ACI) based in Jakarta, Indonesia’s roots go back to the accounting firm established by Basuki T. Siddharta in 1957.

ACI evolved from the re-organisation of one of the Indonesian “Big 4” accounting firms, which spun off its accounting, payroll, secretarial and establishment services 20 years ago. They subsequently added a broad range of tax and advisory services.

Many of their employees were previously with “Big 4” accounting firms, including Istama T. Siddharta. This means that their clients benefit greatly from the many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of local and international financial and tax business planning and strategies, as well as of Indonesian accounting and tax requirements.

PT Amalgamated Consulting Indonesia also has a Japan Business Desk, headed by Koji Shima, President Commissioner, and provides professional services to a significant number of Japanese companies with Indonesian operations.

The firm provides efficient and effective outsourcing and professional advisory services to a large number of entities, both large and small.