From the intricacies of financial fraud to the world of the Internet’s ‘finfluencers’, these were our most popular stories of 2023.

  1. 3 March 2023 – Customers of these banks are most likely to be a victim of fraud
    A study published by VPN Overview revealed the top five banks in the UK where customers are most at risk of fraud, Santander UK ranking at the top of the list. 
  2. 22 June 2023 – Revealed: The most stressed countries in Europe
    The Mediterranean nation of Greece was ranked the most stressful country in Europe, according to analysis by CBD experts at
  3. 7 August 2023 – Crypto study: Which country has the most bankless billionaires?
    Crypto casino experts Wegamble investigated which countries have emerged as leaders in the field of crypto currency, and who have produced the most crypto billionaires. 
  4. 11 May 2023 – ‘Finfluencers’: The most popular influencers in finance
    Research by Investingoal shed light on the rise of the Internet’s financial influencers, ranking these ‘finfluencers’ and their followings.
  5. 6 February 2023 – IFRS 16: When to avoid low-value and short-term exemptions
    The International Financial Reporting Standard for lease accounting, IFRS 16, came into force four years ago, introduced by the IASB. Stefan Iggo, CFO, of Australasian-based sustainable equipment financer Quadrent offers his view on combining compliance with company goals. 
  6. 31 May 2023 – Accountancy firm LB Group backed by Sovereign Capital Partners Sovereign Capital Partners, a UK private equity Buy & Build specialist, acquired a majority stake in LB Group, a chartered accountancy services firm.
  7. 16 March 2023 – The International Accounting Bulletin’s World Survey Supplement 2023 The IAB’s World Survey offers our readers a clear view of the accountancy market and global exposure to the industry’s key decision makers. Seen as the “gold standard” within the accountancy industry, IAB’s World Survey is used as a reference for strategy, growth, planning and commercial activities.
  8. 9 August 2023 – GlobalData: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs top M&A financial advisers by value, volume in financial services sector during H1 2023 JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs were the top mergers and acquisitions (M&A) financial advisers in the financial services sector, according to research by GlobalData.
  9. 3 November 2023 – International Sustainability Standards Board launched The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) was launched by the IFRS Foundation to develop a global baseline of sustainability standards.
  10. 8 September 2023 – Most Successful EU Companies By Profit Per Employee Research in partnership with global fintech group Plus500 compared the top 100 companies in Europe (by market cap), looking at profit in 2022 and dividing by the number of employees that work within the company.