Patrick de Cambourg’s nomination for the presidency of the French standard-setting authority, Autorité des normes comptables (ANC), has been appro ved by the commission of finance of each chamber of the French parliament.

De Cambourg’s candidacy had been proposed by French President Francois Holland last week and was auditioned by the National Assembly and the Senate’s commissions of finances on 18 February.

Following his audition, he received 12 votes in favour out of 13 at the French National Assembly’s commission.

Pending official confirmation, the 24 members of the Senate’s commission voted unanimously in favour of De Cambourg, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Having been approved by the French parliament, De Cambourg still has to be formally appointed in the position by president Holland. He should take on the role at the beginning of March 2015 for a six-year tenure, renewable once.

UPDATE: The Senate confirmed the following results for its commission’s vote: 24 votes in favour and one abstention.

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