As we approach IAFA 23, we will be hearing from some of the great speakers that will be presenting at the event on 29 June. Dayshape CCO Richard Cassidy tells TA and IAB about his presentation

The Accountant: What are you presenting at IAFA 23?

Richard Cassidy: My session will explore the latest developments in resource management software for modern accounting. I will discuss how and why the top firms are taking their resource management to the next level with AI and automation, and share a blueprint for transformation – no matter where a firm is on its modernisation and automation journey.

I am also looking forward to contributing to a panel discussion delving into the benefits and challenges of digital transformation for today’s accountancy leaders.

TA: Why is IAFA 23 of value to your organisation?

RC: We are really looking forward to IAFA 23 this year, it is a great opportunity for our business

to connect with and learn from the most innovative and forward-thinking accountancy firms, industry bodies, and thought leaders within the industry. It is also a valuable channel for us to start conversations and build relationships with other innovative technology providers for the benefit of our customers.

TA: What are you wanting to learn at IAFA 23?

I am keen to connect with industry experts and leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the current perceived roadblocks and future strategies for growth for embracing market-leading technology. I am passionate about enabling the adoption of transformational technology and always looking to learn how we can help our customers do that better, faster, and more strategically.

IAFA 2023 will bring together the leading players of the accountancy profession for a thought-provoking conference, covering the hot topics of the profession. As usual, the conference will be followed by a gala dinner and award ceremony celebrating industry success stories