How will the Metaverse truly transform how we live and work, or is it simply the latest example of an overhyped technology?

The metaverse took social media by storm after Meta announced its change in strategic focus. Mentions of the #metaverse on Twitter and Reddit, Inc. rose 5-fold in only 2 days, with users commenting their expectations and opinions on this new virtual world.

But what does the metaverse really mean for you and your industry?

Find out at the GlobalData Thematic Team’s free webinar on February 24th(4pm GMT).

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Join representatives from GlobalData’s Thematic, Technology and Consumer teams where we will answer the following questions:

• What is the Metaverse and should we believe the hype?
• What will drive adoption?
• What does it mean for technology players and telcos?
• What does it mean for businesses in other sectors?
• Who will regulate the Metaverse?
• Who are the likely winners and losers?
• What does it mean for consumers?