Morison KSi is pleased to announce the admission of Lynx Eyed Chartered Accountants as a member firm in Kabul, Afghanistan as well as expanding its representation in France with the appointment of Cabinet SARTRE, based in Montpellier.

Lynx Eyed Chartered Accountants (LECA), Afghanistan:
Lynx Eyed Chartered Accountants (LECA) has been operating in the Afghan market since 2009 and it is currently one of the leading firms in Afghanistan, providing professional services in audit and assurance, financial consultancy, tax advisory, compliance audit, business planning, and review engagements.

LECA works with a wide range of multinational clients in diverse industries such as real estate developers, construction, transportation and logistics, hotel, financial institutions, engineering, and non-profit organisations.

The firm is led by Muhammad Zarif Ludin, president and managing partner, who has recently been promoted to programme manager for the Professional Accountant Organisation Development (PAOD) at the Afghanistan Ministry of Finance. Muhammad is also the first CEO of CPA Afghanistan and he has made huge strides in the development of the accountancy profession in Afghanistan.

Cabinet SARTRE, France:
Cabinet SARTRE was established in 1983 and has 3 partners and 13 staff. The firm has two offices in Montpellier, one in the west suburb of Vendargues and one in the east suburb of Lavérune.

The firm provides a range of services including accounting, audit, tax, company valuations and wealth management.

Cabinet SARTRE services a wide range of clients operating in a variety of sectors including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and tourism. The firm has a number of clients with international business interests including in China, North Africa, Singapore, Spain, the UK and the US.

Cabinet SARTRE will join existing Morison KSi member firms – Aplitec, Cabinet Sorel and Cofagest Conseils in representing the association in France.

Cabinet SARTRE is a member of the French national accounting group CABEX, of which Cofagest Conseils is also a member.

On behalf of Morison KSi and all member firms we welcome Cabinet SARTRE to the association.