For corporate tax and accounting professionals worldwide, navigating the complex terrain of tax compliance and reporting demands cutting-edge solutions. Wolters Kluwer, a renowned leader in professional information and software solutions, stands at the forefront of empowering professionals with the tools needed to succeed.

Introducing Wolters Kluwer and CCH Integrator

Wolters Kluwer’s commitment to excellence spans over 185 years, evolving from a literature publishing house to a global leader in business software innovations. Their flagship product, CCH Integrator, is trusted by over 15,000 tax and accounting professionals across 80+ countries. This cloud-based platform simplifies tax reporting and compliance, saving time, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations. CCH Integrator takes a modular approach to finance, enabling teams to choose the best-in-category technology most suitable to their needs. It offers a cost-effective way for tax teams to adopt an award-winning solution built for tax by tax professionals.

Navigating BEPS Pillar Two with confidence

In response to the evolving tax landscape, Wolters Kluwer has introduced the BEPS Pillar Two solution, an innovative addition that can be used as a module within the CCH Integrator platform or stand-alone. This sets new industry standards by providing comprehensive solutions to monitor and implement Pillar Two regulations, ensuring compliance with global minimum tax obligations. With over 140 countries embracing Pillar Two, multinational enterprises face significant challenges in data management and compliance. The CCH Integrator BEPS Pillar Two solution streamlines this process, offering a structured workflow to efficiently collect, calculate, review, and file tax provisions.

“CCH Integrator maintains each applicable country’s lodgement form for BEPS Pillar Two. This means you can ensure that your company is capturing all required information accurately and consistently as per the latest global and country BEP Pillar Two rules. The CCH Integrator solution is flexible and can adapt in real-time to OECD rules (global) and local domestic minimum Tax filing requirements.” Says Andy Hung, head of product at Wolters Kluwer.

Addressing challenges head-on

Wolters Kluwer understands the challenges faced by corporate tax professionals in responding to changing tax legislation. With Pillar Two regulations adding complexity, Wolters Kluwer is committed to providing unwavering and exceptional service. CCH Integrator’s low-code technology allows for swift adaptation to emerging regulations, ensuring timely adjustments to meet compliance obligations. The BEPS Pillar Two solution further simplifies operational readiness, providing a single source of truth in the Cloud for tax data management.

Collaborative partnership for success

As regulations evolve, Wolters Kluwer works closely with global service firms and BEPS Pillar Two experts to ensure accurate tax technical application. Through formal and informal programs, they empower firms to assist clients in assessing the impact of Pillar Two and preparing for compliance. Their dedication to customer support ensures that professionals receive timely assistance and training resources to maximise the potential of CCH Integrator in their business operations.

In a rapidly changing tax landscape, Wolters Kluwer remains committed to empowering corporate tax and accounting professionals with innovative solutions. With CCH Integrator and the new BEPS Pillar Two module, tax professionals can navigate complex compliance requirements with confidence.

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