MSI Global Alliance has increased
its membership by 23 firms in 2009 and entered nine new

New accounting firms were appointed in the
Dominican Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Vietnam, South Africa
(Bloemfontein), Mexico, US (Minnesota), Spain and Saudi Arabia. The
Saudi addition of the accounting firm Gulf Bureau for Research
& Economic Consulting is the most recent and brings the number
of MSI’s Middle East member firms to 12, with coverage in Bahrain,
Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Syria and the United Arab

The average size of firms has also increased
in terms of the number of partners and annual fee income.

“We came into the year slightly nervous, not
quite knowing what to expect, but on the whole it’s been good,” MSI
Global Alliance chief executive James Mendelssohn said. “Although
we’ve lost a number of firms, it has not been too many and most
parts where we have lost firms have been part of a deliberate
policy to strengthen the organisation.”

Mendelssohn revealed that MSI Global Alliance
was approached by a strong firm in Mexico and, as a result of the
addition, two or three smaller firms left the association.

“Our pipeline of prospective members is
stronger today than it has been at any time over the last 18
months, with at least five new members joining in January and an
exciting milestone to announce,” he added.