Meyers Norris Penny (MNP), a Canadian member
of Praxity, will merge with Toronto based insolvency firm Stern
Cohen Shier.

Stern Cohen Shier specialises in consumer
proposals, division 1 proposals, personal bankruptcy and corporate
bankruptcy as well as financial debt counselling services.

The firm, which has four staff, is
headquartered in Toronto and has offices in Scarborough, Woodbridge
and Etobicoke.

“With this merger not only will we be
strengthening our insolvency practice by gaining additional
expertise and resources in communities we already operate in but we
will also be helping clients regain financial balance in Etobicoke
and Woodbridge,” MNP chief executive Daryl Ritchie said.

In May, MNP also acquired Ontario based
insolvency firm Herpers Chagani Gowling. With these mergers MNP
aims to deliver a wide range of insolvency services from more than
90 locations across Canada, the firm said.