Press release by GGI – GGI Founder and Chairman Claudio G. Cocca and GGI Global CEO Michael Reiss von Filski have both been awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award by US President Barack Obama.

The current program is called the President's Volunteer Service Award and was created by President George W. Bush in 2002 as a civil award. He made this program known during his State of the Union address. In January 2003, President George W. Bush created an Executive Order that created the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation.

The President's Volunteer Service Award is an award bestowed by the President of the United States. There are four classes, bronze, silver, gold and the most prestigious is the President's Call to Service Award, which is also referred to as the President's Lifetime Achievement Award.

The President's Volunteer Service Award bestows recognition from the President of the United States; the association with the President that makes this award so meaningful also gives rise to a critical responsibility for participants to help uphold the integrity of the program so the Award retains its value and prestige for others. The program was established to honour the volunteer works of individuals, families and organizations.