Press release by Shinsoh – Shinsoh Audit Corporation has been admitted to the membership of leading international alliance (‘association’) of accounting and law firms Alliott Group. The firm joins an alliance of over 165 member firms in some 65 countries that provides the depth of resources and expertise that will enable the firm to differentiate its services locally and to extend its reach to the global business market.  

Shinsoh Audit Corporation, a mid-sized  audit firm based in Ginza, Tokyo, and registered with the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA), has become a member of Alliott Group, an award winning* international association of independent accounting and law firms. 

The firm aims to capitalise on its appointment to develop global business opportunities for its existing clients and to build its international client base by developing strong links to Alliott Group counterparts in over 65 countries worldwide.

With Tokyo set to host the Olympic Games in 2020, much attention will be focused on Japan from around the world, with the firm well positioned to serve foreign clients entering the Japanese market and needing assistance with the financial aspects of their business.

The firm can trace its roots back to 1985, with Shinsoh Audit Corporation being established in 2000 following the merger of two audit firms. Since then, the firm has grown to 49 staff, including nine partners and is qualified to audit listed companies and provide further assurance and consulting services.

Seijun Fujita,President&Executive Partner, comments: “Joining an international alliance is a strategic move for our firm – many Japanese middle-market companies have started to develop business overseas and there are many foreign companies trading in Japan. We intend to work closely with our new Alliott Group colleagues to make the most of these opportunities to develop international business. Membership will help us to acquire new clients while deepening the trust of our existing clients.”

James Hickey, Alliott Group CEO, comments: “Shinsoh Audit Corporation is a welcome addition to our global membership and brings further strength to the alliance in the Asia Pacific region where there are now 29 member firms. With the Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, we expect Shinsoh Audit Corporation to be very busy serving the clients of our member firms as they expand their businesses to Japan.”