Press release by SFAI – SFAI board of directors has the pleasure to announce that it has admitted two new member firms to the network, following to cover with first class firms countries in which its clients are working.

Trinidad & Tobago – Caribbean
In this country (the third richest one by GDP -PPP- per capita in the Americas), Trinidad & Tobago was appointed as a member firm to Anthony P. Pierre & Co. Chartered Accountants, led by Anthony Pierre. They are focused on providing quality financial and accounting expertise.

NBC Hermans – Netherlands
NBC Hermans is the new member firm of accountants and advisors in that country. It is led by William Hermans, with its headquarters in Tilburg. NBC Hermans has 9 branches throughout the Netherlands:

– Den Burg – Texel
– Den Helder
– Volendam
– Zeist
– Wolvega
– Raalte
– Rotterdam
– Tilburg
– Sittard