Press release by: SFAI-In SURINAME (the former Dutch Guyana) the board has admitted as exclusive member firm the T?JONG ?A H?UNG GROUP??, that includes Tjong A Hung Accountants N. V, Tjong A Hung Consulting N. V, Tjong A Hung Belastingadviseurs N. V, and Tjong A Hung Administraties N.V. 

The managing partner is T?JONG A HUNG? CPA?, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Suriname Association of Chartered Accountants. His extensive expertise in tax, accounting and consulting will support SFAI operations in the north space of South America.

In REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO, the oldest sovereign country in the world, founded in year 301, the Board has incorporated as a member firm PROSPECTRA S.C.a.r.l. ?A firm with wide excellent expertise in accounting areas and legal and environmental specialty as well. The delegated partner is Dott. MASSIMO TUMIETTO manag?es? the firm along with other four partners.

In ITALY?and expanding SFAI consulting area?-?the Board has admitted TEMA CONSULENZA?,? a consulting firm based in Milano with extensive expertise in Risk Management and Anti money laundering functions among other practices. 

Founded in 2009 the firm is chaired by Dott. M?ASSIMILIANO FORTE??,? and with this incorporation SFAI is strengthening ?its? presence in Italy with very high level of expertise.