Press release by Alliott Group – Alliott Group has appointed LUQUEVELASCO auditores S.L., one of Madrid’s leading independent accounting firms, as the representative accounting firm member in Madrid. Membership extends the firm’s ability to service clients to some 200 cities in 70 countries worldwide.

After careful consideration by both parties, LUQUEVELASCO, a local Madrid accounting firm, was admitted as Alliott Group’s Madrid accounting firm member and will serve the clients of member firms when assistance is needed in the city.

The appointment strengthens Alliott Group’s presence in Spain, ensuring international companies and high net worth individuals have access through the alliance's member firms to lawyers, accountants and tax advisors across Spain in cities including Barcelona, Bilbao, Cádiz, Huelva, Lleida, Madrid and Seville.

Alliott Group CEO, James Hickey said: “LUQUEVELASCO is a growing firm that has met the stringent criteria for membership. As a member of Alliott Group, the firm can now offer the breadth and depth of resources needed by international SME businesses in Spain that value the local firm approach but need access to advisory experts around the world who can help them to take advantage of opportunities offered by the global marketplace.”

Pablo Luque Torrecillas, partner at the firm said: “While we have always been able to connect our clients to professionals in various countries where they need help, we have reached a stage in our development where we need a more effective and efficient solution. While we remain a fully independent firm, joining Alliott Group provides a more formal arrangement for servicing our growing clients. Firms have been carefully selected in each market, mitigating much of the risk in making referrals and ensuring our clients can move quicker and with greater confidence when new opportunities and challenges arise in the international marketplace.”

LUQUEVELASCO is a five-partner firm that has been growing steadily for a number of years, providing audit, accounting, advisory, tax, M&A and due diligence related services. According to Torrecillas, Alliott Group membership will support the firm’s growth strategy: “We want to grow further by developing our business and that of our clients to new geographic markets, but we don’t want to open or maintain expensive branch offices abroad. Affiliation with Alliott Group gives us the best of both worlds.”