Press release by INPACT – INPACT has welcomed another new member, Messrs Akintunde Akinlabi & Co., its 10th new member in the last 12 months.

Messrs Akintunde Akinlabi & Co. is based in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos and was founded by Akintunde Akinlabi in 2006.

The firm prides itself on putting its clients first and provides a full range of accounting, auditing and taxation services.

Messrs Akintunde Akinlabi & Co. is INPACT’s 12th African member and its 3rd in Nigeria.

INPACT EMEA’s president Lena Fiedler commented: “We are delighted to welcome Messrs Akintunde Akinlabi & Co. to INPACT. We have a growing presence in Africa and Messrs Akintunde Akinlabi & Co. will help to strengthen our African membership as well as INPACT’s membership as a whole.”

INPACT over the last 12 months added new members in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium, Chile and Israel.