Press release by IAPA International – IAPA International announced the appointment of Vulpoi & Toader Management SRL, Bucharest, Romania into the IAPA association.

Set up in 2004, Vulpoi & Toader Management SRL is a one of the largest companies in Romania offering a wide range of services, from accounting, audit, tax, legal assistance, financial assistance and business consultancy services, with a multidisciplinary team of approximately 70 professionals.  The firm has a portfolio of over 300 clients servicing a wide range of industries including retail, real estate, energy, insurance, medical services, oil, construction and IT services to name a few, many with international ownership.

Stephen Hamlet, IAPA CEO, said: “Vulpoi & Toader is an excellent firm and we have been in talks for several months. It is my absolute pleasure to now officially accept them into IAPA membership. Bucharest is a city where we have worked hard to recruit and is a vital economy for our Central Eastern European region. We expect further growth in this region and look forward to the active involvement and participation of Vulpoi & Toader in our association”.