Nolands Advisory based in Cape Town, South Africa, provides financial, economic and strategic and strategic advice and support for transactions. It has a dedicated M&A team.

In addition to being a member of GCG Capital, Nolands Advisory Services South Africa is also a member of GCG Consulting. Their 23 staff and ten partners serve national and international clients in Afrikaans, English and French.
Stillwater is based in Toronto, Canada. An M&A advisor, the firm has completed over 100 transactions since 2001.

While they serve clients across Canada and the USA, over 30% of their transactions involve an international counterparty. Stillwater consists of a team of over ten people, including three managing directors. The operating languages of the firm include English, Portuguese, French, Greek and Spanish.

ARISE is based in Hong Kong. It was founded in 2015, and provides M&A services, including in finance, real estate and law for European companies who want to establish a presence in, or expand into, China, or vice versa.

With branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing their professional team of six, including three partners, providing services to their clients in Chinese, English, French and German.