Press release by Geneva Group International – Geneva Group International (GGI) welcomes two new member firms: Studio Tributario Cagnazzo in Italy and Alwaleed Audit and Consulting Office in Yemen.

Studio Tributario Cagnazzo – Turin, Italy
Studio Tributario Cagnazzo was founded in 1999 in Turin (Piedmont – North West Italy), which was the first capital of Italy in 1861. The founder, who having worked as the head of tax in leading Italian multinationals and a professor of tax law, as well as a chartered accountant and statutory auditor, set up the firm to assist his client base. Over the past 18 years, the company has steadily developed and now offers professional services all over Italy.

The firm is mainly focused on providing integrated tax advice and assistance to companies, multinationals and high-net-worth individuals on a wide range of tax and corporate issues. Clients benefit from their specialist knowledge and strategic advice, in the areas of corporate tax, extraordinary financial transactions (such as domestic and cross-border reorganisation), IPOs, takeover bids, and M&A.

Studio Tributario Cagnazzo currently employs five professionals, including one partner, and provides services in English, French and Italian.

Alwaleed Audit and Consulting Office – Sanaa, Yemen
Alwaleed Audit and Consulting Office is a specialised audit, accountancy and consulting offices in Yemen. Founded in 2015, Alwaleed Office has an excellent mix of seasoned experts and professionals who take pride in themselves for having a good reputation for innovative solutions to their clients’ problems.

Services offered by the company include corporate finance, development and implementation of financial accounting systems and financial regulations, bookkeeping, audit and assurance, advisory and consulting, registration of new companies and tax preparation.

The firm’s multi-disciplinary team of 25 full-time professional staff are governed by two partners. They serve their clients in Arabic and English.