Press release by DFK – DFK member firms in Spain have completed the launch of a new national network.

Abante Auditores – audit and assurance – and Iberian DFK Professional Services – tax and legal – previously composed the Spanish professional services networks under the same name of their firms.

The firms, which can trace their roots back more than 35 years, have now finished the process of joining under one single network brand, BNFIX. They remain independent members of DFK International.

BNFIX will be working across the national and international markets under a single brand that covers audit and assurance – BNFIX Auditores – and tax, legal and advisory services – BNFIX Consultores.

Across the network, BNFIX has permanent offices in Almería, Avilés, Barcelona, Gijón, Madrid, Murcia, Oviedo and Vitoria, and more than 186 professionals, auditors, economists, lawyers, accountants, labour experts and human resources, among others.

On agreeing the new network, José María Hinojal, auditor and international contact at BNFIX Auditores, and María José Moragas, lawyer and international contact at BNFIX Consultores, released a joint statement.

They said: “The principal aim of BNFIX, whose members have the same philosophy as other members of DFK International, is to focus on assisting our clients’ needs in the fields where we are specialised.

“Our opinion is that, given the globalisation and diversity and multiplication of new regulation, current times require very specialised firms and multi-disciplinary and experienced teams.

“We are delighted to launch the BNFIX network to strengthen our support to our clients and we look forward to working together and in partnership with firms across DFK International.”