Press release by BKR – BKR International is pleased to announce the acceptance of the following firms into membership:

•       ACARTUS Czech, s.r.o. (Ostrava, Czech Republic);
•       ACARTUS S.A. (Jastrze?bie-Zdro´j, Poland); and
•       ACARTUS Slovakia, s.r.o. (Cadca, Slovakia).

ACARTUS Czech, s.r.o. offers an array of accounting, audit, tax, and legal services. The firm's three partners and staff of 25 specialize in the automotive industry, steel, engineering, construction, and service providers. ACARTUS Czech, s.r.o. has one additional office in Prague.

ACARTUS S.A. provides extensive accounting and tax services. With four partners and a staff of 42, the firm specializes in trade, service providers, freight forwarding, engineering, and recycling. ACARTUS S.A. has additional offices in Cieszyn and Racibórz, Poland.

ACARTUS Slovakia, s.r.o. offers numerous audit, accounting, tax, legal, and other professional services. The firm specializes in the automotive industry, building, wholesale, service providers, the chemical industry, food processing, and holding structures. With four partners and a staff of 37, ACARTUS Slovakia, s.r.o. has two additional locations in Bratislava and Zilina, Slovakia.