Generative AI stands to remake the cybersecurity landscape, according Goldman Sachs asset management portfolio manager, Brook Dane. He pointed out: “AI tools can make attacks cheaper, more sophisticated, and more targeted.”

Cybercrime has already risen dramatically in recent years, with damage of $10.3 billion reported for 2022. Dane noted that this is “just the start.”

But there’s a positive side to AI’s impact, Dane believes. Commenting on this, he said: “AI tools can us help predict and identify security risks, and respond to them in real time. They could also mitigate the harm of attacks by detecting and stopping breaches.”

As stronger tools protect against more dangerous attacks, he believes cybersecurity stands to become “an even more important part of the enterprise technology landscape.”

“It’s just one example,” Dane added, “of how generative AI stands to reshape workplaces and industries from the ground up.”

This development comes after prominent tech companies, including Zoom, announced that they will utilise some aspects of customer data for training and tuning its AI, or machine-learning models.