Following National Apprenticeship Week (7th-13th), lots of students and young professionals will be deciding how they take their next steps in their career, and what educational path suits them.

On Kaplan’s Learn Better Podcast episode ‘University vs Apprenticeships “Which route?”’, host Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of learning at Kaplan, helps clarify the differences between pursuing each route.

Joined by Apprenticeships Partnerships Director, Jenny Pelling, this episode covers where the job market is going, the difference in learning experiences and how apprenticeships have become a genuine alternative to University.

“People feel like they have to know what they want to be…it’s okay not to know that at this point, it’s okay to find that out as we go.”

From practical application, to freedom of exploration, and the importance of money to personal development, this podcast will help you to understand the key questions you must ask yourself to decide what route is right for you.

Key topics:

  • Pros and cons of Apprenticeships
  • Pros and cons of University
  • Where the job market is going
  • What questions you need to ask yourself to make an informed decision
  • Where to find further information

Tune in to join the discussion.

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