SMS Latinoamérica, an organisation of independent firms specialised in auditing, tax advice and consulting services for companies, has, together with an international committee of experts, translated into Spanish the International Integrated Reporting Framework , which will be used by for all Spanish-speaking companies

The Integrated Report is a global initiative led by the Value Reporting Foundation that promotes a new dimension of corporate reports, where the results on finances, sustainability and other data related to the actual circumstances of a company are reflected in a single document.

Revisions to the International Integrated Reporting Framework were originally published in January 2021 with the purpose of providing more orientation and clarity for report writing and intending to move forward towards the adoption of high quality integrated reports. The current publication, in Spanish, reflects these revisions and enables the Spanish speaking countries to hasten the adoption of this Framework.

“We would like to thank SMS Latinoamérica for producing the translation, and the review committee from Pontifical Javierian University, University of Buenos Aires, Roche Colombia, Masisa and Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) whose expertise facilitated this translation”, said the Value Reporting Foundation
“We’re seeing an increasing number of new integrated reporting adopters in Latin America, following in the footsteps of business leaders who have used Framework since its first release in 2013. These organizations are looking for a new way of combining financial and ESG information in a comprehensive report and a concise tool to communicate how they create value for a sustainable future”, commented Pablo San Martín, President of SMS.

Meanwhile, Julián Costábile, Director of the Sustainability Area added, “ Framework is clearly the most appropriate tool to achieve this goal, especially after the improvements that were published in 2021”.