Ernst & Young has rebranded itself to EY and changed its tagline to "Building a better working world."

Simultaneously, Mark Weinberger has become global chairman and chief executive officer of the global firm.

Weinberger’s was elected as global chairman in January 2012, however he has only taken up the position as of 1 July 2013, coinciding with the rebrand.

Weinberger has previously led the US firm’s tax practise and was appointed assistant secretary of the US Treasury under President George Bush, and to the US Social Security Advisory Board by President Clinton.

Weinberger’s predecessor, Jim Turley, has retired after holding the position for 12 years.

EY: Building a better world

As part of the rebrand, EY not only shortened the name and changed the tagline, but also redesigned the logo.

Weinberger explained, "from 1 July we will be called EY. Shortening our name will provide consistency and ease of use for EY practices and clients around the world.

"We have also redesigned our logo, reflecting our new brand name clearly in the design. Our new brand name and logo demonstrate clearly and boldly who we are and reflect the goal we have recently set ourselves to be the number one brand in our profession."

Explaining the motivation behind the new tagline, Weinberger said "We know that building a better working world is an ambitious objective but it is an incredibly important aspiration and will be front and centre of everything we do as an organisation."

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