In early December 2019, members of Russell Bedford International joined in celebrating the network, its people and its culture, on its first ever ‘taking you further’ day.

An initiative established to encourage members to unite through various team building activities and charitable events, to cement the network’s shared ethos, ‘taking your further’ day is essentially a day for celebrating its uniqueness, successes and achievements.  

Reinforcing the core values on which the international network is built, and remembering its  importance, is another key element behind ‘taking you further’ day; providing members with an opportunity to demonstrate how accountability, integrity, professionalism, excellence in service delivery and results, and collaboration underpin everything the network does.

With firms from all around the world participating, members undertook a fantastic array of activities; from wellbeing exercises and charity work to team parties and BBQs.

This day enabled member firms to truly reflect on their achievements, having joined an organisation that this year was crowned “Network of the Year” at DAF 2019 and to proudly celebrate these achievements with their teams.

Speaking about the day, Russell Bedford CEO, Stephen Hamlet said, “For over two years now as CEO, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know so many of our member firms from my visits to their offices around the world and through meeting at our global events. Myself and my team wanted to gather all our people together to celebrate their contribution to our award-winning network, and as a result, ‘taking you further’ day was born.”

He added, “It’s been fantastic to see the huge support throughout the network across all regions; particularly in our first year of running the event. I think it’s really shone a light on the spirit of our network and the personality behind our brand, setting us apart from other networks. And, to see so many seize the opportunity to give back to their community, through various charitable acts, was tremendous!”