RSM has reported global revenues of $5.74bn for 2019, representing a 6.9% year-on-year growth. The network also reported a headcount increase of 1,872 and 54 new offices across the globe.

Last year, RSM announced a merger between Chinese firms Huapa Tianjian and GT Ascenda to form RSM China which resulted in 40% local growth.

In Europe, the network’s five French member firms formally united in a merger which will complete later this year.

The network also increased its presence across Africa, expanding its footprint in Angola, Ethiopia, Gabon and Mauritania.

RSM International CEO Jean Stephens said: “2019 has been an exciting point of inflection for us at RSM as we re-imagined the next generation of our business, launching multi-year programmes designed to ignite growth across all facets of our business, initiating new ways of working and enhancing our people and client experience to meet their changing needs in an increasingly globalised digital world.

“While digital transformation and innovation are high on our agenda, we are ultimately a people business. It is now more important than ever to invest in our team and emphasise human engagement and emotional intelligence in a technology empowered world, as we ensure we continue to deliver on our brand promise, The Power of Being Understood.”