PwC UK has acquired natural a resource tracking and data collection technology company called GeoTraceability, which will form part of its consulting business.

GeoTraceability uses data gathering and monitoring technology such as GPS mapping and other technologies to track products such as cocoa, coffee, cotton or minerals from origin to shop floor.

The company states in its public corporate profile that by tracking this data it aims at building trust and transparency through supply chains.

"Resource scarcity and supply chain management are significant issues for our clients," PwC chairman Ian Powell said.

Powell added that the acquisition of GeoTraceability is an investment in technologies and services that would enable PwC UK’s clients to establish trust and reduce their risk.

The company was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of commodity trading house Armajaro. Since then it has facilitated the mapping and data collection of over 120,000 hectares of production in 11 countries, according to PwC UK.

GeoTraceability’s most recent products addressed the traceability of conflict minerals, and the monitoring of key biodiversity indicators, PwC UK added.

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