PKF International is to appoint London firm Littlejohn as its UK member firm, following the loss of PKF UK in a merger with BDO UK.
Littlejohn is a smaller London based practice with 32 partners.

The firm is currently a member of PrimeGlobal and is said to terminate its membership with the association in June 2013.
Once the firm formally joins PKF International it will rebrand to PKF Littlejohn.

PKF International was left with the gap in UK membership after the networks founding member PKF UK decided to merge with BDO UK and take on membership with BDO International.

The newly appointed chairman of PKF International Sajjad Akhtar told IAB that it will fill the gap in the UK and that it is to consider appointing several smaller firms to potentially fill the gap.

PKF International’s new chief executive John Sim said: “London is an important international business destination so we have conducted a thorough investigation of suitable firms to represent our network in this key location.”

“Littlejohn has an outstanding reputation and is particularly known for its strong technical expertise and international outlook. We have conducted a thorough due diligence process and, having been delighted with the outcome, look forward to Littlejohn providing advice to our network’s numerous clients who do business in the UK,” he said.

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