Responses to the Federation of European Accountant (FEE) paper on corporate reporting reveals disparities of views as to where the field is heading.

Published in October 2015 FEE’s paper The future of Corporate reporting, argued that the audience for corporate reporting is continually growing and consequently it will need at some point to address the needs of this ever wider audience – potentially being society at large.

The paper also introduces the Core & More model of reporting that suggests a company produces an executive summary – the Core report –  of its corporate affairs, supported by more detailed information. The Core report would be accompanied by additional layer(s) – the More report(s) – that could include a wider range of information to support the Core report.

Wider Audience
Most respondents acknowledge the growing nature of corporate reporting audience, but some questioned the impact this trend should have on the content of corporate reports. Sceptic respondents argued that the primary audience of corporate reports remains investors and as such all debates around the future of corporate reporting should be held through that lens.

Core & More
Although there is agreement in the accounting community that the idea of having timely, aggregated and summarised information has some appeal. Many respondents highlighted the need to link this initiative with other already established initiatives and frameworks, especially Integrated Reporting.

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