Integra International appointed six members to the global board of directors in the World Conference held in Florence in October.

The new members are, Titoflavio Scibetta, Päivi Husu , Roby Almog , Grant Gilmour, Carolina Perez de Aguinaga, and Bill Simms.

Titoflavio Scibetta is a partner for Studio Scibetta, located in Italy. Scibetta came from Deloitte financial advisory services when joining Studio Scibetta.

Päivi Husu is a partner at Administer Oy, in Finland.

Roby Almog is a partner at Freidkes & Co, based in Israel. He was also previously employed by the Ministry of Defence conducting classified audits. He deals with industrial and commercial companies, international forwarding, custom brokers, consultancy on international taxation and the integrations of computer systems as an audit tool.

Grant Gilmour is a partner at Gilmore Group, in Canada. Gilmour is also the marketing director on the board of Integra International.

Carolina Perez de Aguinaga is a partner at Salgado Contadores, based in Mexico. Perez de Aguinaga has over a decade of experience as an external international advisor, which included being at a Big Four firm.

Bill Simms is a partner at Salmon Sims Thomas & Associates, located in the US. Simms has experience in providing accounting, tax, and business consultation. He joined Salmon Sims Thomas in 1995.  

Decisions to appoint the new directors was made effective on October the 20th 2018, the day of the elections.

The chairman of the board is currently Giuseppe Scibetta, who is the statutory auditor of national and international companies. Scibetta is the senior partner at Pomara Scibetta & Partners.

Scibetta said: “We are confident that each of their track records of professional accomplishments will be beneficial to our association’s willingness to strengthen its international position while offering our member firms the most useful tools to grow their business and stay connected with one another.”

Integra International operates under the guidance of the global board which consists of 16 members. The purpose of the global board is to set policy and direction for its global administrator.