After more than 16 years of hard work and dedication, CPA Vietnam has become one of the leading companies in the country with high quality of service and number of customers in audit

With a long-term vision, CPA Vietnam’s auditors are well-equipped, dynamic and creative. The key to the team’s success lies within its professionalism, extensive knowledge and understanding of the culture, customs, business environment and regulatory systems of the current law.

The firm’s services include audit and assurance, accounting, licensed valuation, tax, strategic and business consulting. CPA Vietnam’s auditors have conducted audits for many large and multidisciplinary clients in Vietnam. They are senior audit leaders responsible for audits at GCs, large state corporations, foreign-invested enterprises and projects funded by national organizations. CPA Vietnam always ensures the quality of service and service is always perfect, proving that the firm is the pioneer and leader in the market. It has the potential to expand its vision of the region and the world with the motto “Quality of service, understanding and global vision”.