Washington D.C., USA. Wilkins Kennedy, IAPA UK member firm, will join Allinial Global but will keep its affiliation with IAPA, as the two associations look to merge.

On the second day of Allinial Global’s international forum held this week in Washington D.C., Allinial’s president Terry Snyder announce to the association’s member that Wilkins Kennedy would join the association.

"Wilkins Kennedy are joining us," Snyder told International Accounting Bulletin ahead of the announcement. "Their focus is commercial and as these discussions are going on they want to get into the system directly and become part of Allinial as well as IAPA."

This move shows the solidarity between the two associations, IAPA CEO Stephen Hamlet commented. "We hope that will send a message to our membership that one of our biggest firm can see the benefits of the collaboration saying ‘we are embracing this so much that we actually have a joint membership right away."

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