The third round of negotiations between the European Parliament (EP), the European Council and the European Commission (EC) scheduled this week have been cancelled.

The decision to cancel comes from Sajjad Karim, rapportueur on the proposed directive and regulation representing the EP because "the Council failed today to agree an amended negotiation position in response to compromises put forward by the EP".

"The EP has made a considerable effort to find a way forward and presented a workable compromise package. But that has been only to find that the council has been unable to overcome national interests to reach an agreement position, while the commission has failed in its duties to midiate successfully," Karim said.

"In these circumstances there was no point holding trilogue as there was nothing to discuss," he added.

Next meeting
The Council ambassador Arunas Vinciunas (Deputy Permanent Representative) told IAB this morning that the next meeting is to take place Monday 16 December.

"It has been agreed between the Presidency and the Parliament, that in order to reach an agreement we have to prepare the whole package for the negotiations. As of today a lot of technical work needs to be done in order to have the whole picture of the package. This work will continue untill the next and hopefully final trialoge, which will take place on Monday, 16th December. "