DFK International has appointed a quality and business support manager and has adopted a new mission statement in an effort to sharpen the association’s focus on international business development.

DFK International executive director Martin Sharp said most countries in the world were looking at international trade to counter the current economic difficulties and that the assocaition was committed to help create the right conditions for international business to flourish.

"Our new mission statement reflects our absolute commitment to grow international business between and among our member firms," Sharp said. "This stronger commercial focus has been driven by the desire of our members to compete effectively on the international stage."

DFK International has appointed Emma Tran as quality and business support manager to help member firms succeed in international referrals and to increase awareness of worldwide commercial opportunities among them and their clients.

Tran is a chartered accountant and auditor who previously worked for a DFK member firm in Australia and a petroleum company in Qatar.

"With Qatar winning the right to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup and Dubai being awarded the rights to host the World Expo 2020, I am confident that more opportunities will arise for cross-border business activities between Europe, the Middle East as well as Asia," she said.

"I hope that my experience and background will help the association realise its potential in those regions."

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