DFK International Chinese member firms have formed an umbrella organisation with the objective of becoming a national group.

DFK International’s seven Chinese member firms have met in Beijing to discuss the formation of a national group.
The association said that the creation of the umbrella organisation is a significant step towards the creation of a national group and will allow member firms to work more closely together.

Founder of member firm AMA CPA and Mayee Management director Andrew Ma said: "We believe that forming a group of our member firms in China will help us to achieve our goals by creating a sense of belonging and enabling us to work together as one. China has been identified as an increasingly important area for DFK International and the association wants the country’s member firms to become stronger and more active."

DFK International has identified China as a key market for the future, as executive director Martin Sharp explained: "It is clear to us that the accounting profession in China is in a state of rapid development and there are great opportunities in the country."

As a result, DFK International has expanded its presence in the country in the last year by adding two member firms in Chongqing and Xi’an to its association. The association is also present in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Sharp said in a statement that DFK International member firms are independent entities and that the local firms retain complete control over their own affairs, therefore the creation of a national group is important to DFK in order to "strengthen the individual firms".

The seven firms will meet to discuss the next stage for the creation of the national group in March 2014.

Article by Sebastian Clark

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