Deloitte UK has announced its largest number of partner promotions in 10 years with the appointments of 65 new partners, effective on 1 June.

Deloitte UK chief executive and senior partner David Sproul said these promotions reflected the firm’s investment in the potential of a growing economy.

"The ongoing success of the UK economy is increasingly dependent on higher value skills," he said. "Alongside our 65 partner promotions, Deloitte is proud of its significant role in the labour market, as one of the UK’s largest recruiters of graduates, and with over 3,000 people joining the firm in the last year."

Sproul announced that in the coming year, Deloitte UK will invest £30m on its staff learning and education. "That’s an average of over £2,000 per person," he said. The investment will cover a combination of professional qualifications and training courses.

According to the 2013 International Accounting Bulletin UK survey, Deloitte counts 14,631 professionals in the UK including 983 partners, making it the network with the second largest workforce in the UK but with the highest number of partners.

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