CABA the charity supporting the wellbeing of ICAEW chartered accountants and their families, has launched a campaign specifically to support members in the UK and the European Union affected by Brexit

The campaign aims to create clarity around some of the legal aspects of the UK’s departure from the EU, both now and as the fallout becomes clearer in the coming months and encourage those in need of emotional support to reach out for help.

Support services, which will be offered to all ICAEW members who are UK citizens living in the EU, as well as EU citizens who are living in the UK, include specialised legal advice looking at the typical challenges CABA’s members might face such as issues around citizenship and residency, healthcare, employment, UK pensions and benefits. Additionally, practical and emotional support and counselling will be available to help members to deal with the emotional impact of Brexit.

Kelly Feehan, Services Director at CABA commented, ‘From the day the UK voted to leave the European Union, Brexit has caused a serious debate across the country. It will undoubtedly bring both challenges and opportunities for people and businesses alike, but the biggest frustration currently is the lack of clarity on what happens next.

‘Through this campaign we hope to reach as many UK citizens in the European Union as possible as well as the ICAEW EU citizens here in the UK, to ensure they understand that help is always there when they need it. Even if we can’t help to solve every problem, we can still support people to deal with their emotions and offer an impartial listening ear.’