High level representatives of the Big Four are to appear before the UK Public Accounts Committee (PAC) over their role in helping multinational companies avoid paying corporation tax, on 31 January.

Jane McCormick, Head of Corporate Tax at KPMG; Bill Dodwell, Head of Tax Policy at Deloitte; Kevin Nicholson, Head of Tax at PwC and John Dixon, Head of UK and Ireland Tax at Ernst and Young, are to appear before the PAC inquiry to justify their role in tax avoidance of large companies following a big public outcry after large corporates such as Starbucks and Google were found to pay very little or no tax on their UK profits.

In December, Margaret Hodge, PAC chair, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: "The certainty that we want, particularly from the Big Four accountancy firms – who have a duty to lead by example – is that, in the advice they give to their clients, they are not advising how to engage in aggressive tax avoidance schemes."

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