KPMG and Blue J have developed a suite of AI tax analysis tools for the UK. The tool will enable KPMG’s tax team to use AI to predict tax scenario outcomes with 90%+ accuracy and will reduce the time spent searching for and analysing tax legislation and case law.

For organisations having to navigate the increasing pace of legislative change, the tool aims to accelerate their technical analysis to support decision making on complex tax issues.

The tool provides a structured approach for checking tax legislation and case law, which would have been previously done manually. KPMG says this means clients can easily evidence good tax practice and provides documentary evidence of the tax analysis.

KPMG UK chief technology officer, tax & legal, Stuart Tait said: “Our tax teams are dedicated to providing the best service to our clients, which is why we are passionate about in investing in advanced technologies like those developed by Blue J to improve the speed and accuracy of our advice. We are delighted to be the first adopters of Blue J in the UK and cannot wait to take advantage of this amazing technology. The tool will allow us to be completely transparent and trusted by following a better tech-enabled structure to evidence our high quality of work.”