BKR International is proud to announce Harris & Trotter LLP as its exclusive London Member Firm. A dynamic firm whose reputation is founded on quality and personal relationships, Harris & Trotter LLP bring over 80 years of experience focussed on client centric solutions.

“I am delighted to see Harris & Trotter LLP join our association as our pivotal London Member” comments Alistair Bryant, Executive Director of BKR’s EMEA region. “Harris & Trotter LLP’s excellent credentials and growth culture are a perfect fit for BKR International. Their enthusiasm, innovation and desire to form strong business relationships will benefit the whole of the association and in turn, our clients. We look forward to welcoming them formally to BKR International at our Worldwide Meeting in Washington DC in October.”

Harris & Trotter LLP Partner, Nicholas Newman, comments: “Harris & Trotter LLP has a large client base both in the UK and overseas, our network is continually growing and therefore BKR is a perfect fit for the firm as we look to expand our reach.

“BKR allows us to gain both technical and strategic information from members worldwide and work hand-in-hand to assist our international client base.

“Whilst Covid has created difficult times, our clients are open for business and are looking forward to joining us on this international adventure.”