During the course of the past months, GGI Global Alliance continued to grow in key locations and financial centres worldwide.

The global alliance has welcomed new members from Europe, Asia-Pacific, the US, Latin America and the Middle East, expanding its global footprint and enabling member firms to refer to fellow members in even further countries and areas.

Here below you will find a list of the latest accounting, audit and advisory firms which have joined GGI:







OCH Ochoa Consulting Holding – OCH SAS

Cesar Mauricio Ochoa Pérez

T: +57 4 266 64 74

E: mauricio.ochoa@ochgroup.co

W: ochgroup.co


Raymond J. Zomerfeld

T: +1 305 444 8288

E: raymond.zomerfeld@zommagroup.com

W: zommagroup.com


Martin Steidle

T: +49 175 5508142

E: martin.steidle@lbbw.de


Jörg Fuchs

T: +49 175 1837 403

E: joerg.fuchs@lbbw.de


W: lbbw.de/m&a

Walter Baden Pty Ltd

Steven Humphries

T: +61 401 715 689

E: stevenhumphries@walterbaden.law

W: walterbaden.law

Trent Le Breton

T: +61 405 154 594

E: trentlebreton@walterbaden.law

W: walterbaden.law

Morfe, Ceneta & Co. CPAs

Maria Gracia L. Morfe

T: +632 703 3560

E: grace_morfe@morfecenetacpas.com

W: www.morfecenetacpas.com

Ahmed Abdulrahman Aljanaahi Auditing (AAAA)

Prijumon Kulangara Dominic

T: +971 566040648

E: pd@aaaauditorsuae.com

W: aaaauditorsuae.com

Ruiz Ballestros Economistas y Abogados, S.L.

Jesús Ruiz Ballesteros

T: +34 952 779 874

E: jrb@jrb.es

W: ruizballesteros.es

PK Chopra & Co.

Neeraj Bhagat

T: +91 11 40043977

E: neeraj@pkchopra.com

W: pkchopra.com

Accountax de Guatemala, S.A.

Jean Pierre Barrascout Rivas

T:  +52 502 25022222

E: jp@accountax.com.gt

W: accountax.com.gt

Chessy Consultants Private Limited

Raj Lakhotia

T: +91 33 46024726

E: raj@chessygroup.com

W: chessygroup.com

SingAlliance Pte. Ltd.

Thierry Beck

Off T: +65 6303 5055

HP: +65 8218 7405

E: thierry.beck@sing-alliance.com

W: sing-alliance.com

CNA – Corporate Finance

Vasco Afonso

Lisbon, Portugal

T: +351 215 944 318

E: vasco.afonso@cna-finance.pt

W: cna-finance.pt