For its Spring 2021 Cohort, FemTech Lab selected 10 rising startups on a mission to transform the future of women’s health & wellbeing.

If you missed out or couldn’t attend the full event, you can now access the pitches via a private YouTube link below.

Please click here to check the recorded video of our Demo Day on YouTube.

Meet the startups

LactApp – Delivers AI-enabled personalised postnatal maternity advice and breastfeeding support, providing a reliable and customised source of information digitally.

Aurat Raaj A local-language chatbot for adolescent girls in developing countries that delivers engaging education on reproductive health, especially menstrual hygiene.

The Fertility Circle – An educational fertility platform and app which connects leading fertility experts to provide content and products that inform, inspire and empower.

Femcy – A personalised wellness solution helping women globally manage symptomatic menstrual pain through customised recommendations and expert-led consultations.

My Milk Labs – A milk-sensing device to track breastfeeding and prevent low milk supply via direct breast-milk sensing with just 6 drops of milk.

The Nest Club – An education platform (prenatal to postnatal care), connecting parents with obstetrics, midwifery, health and wellness via masterclasses and social online learning experiences.

The Nourish App – Offers bite-sized emotional support, wellbeing and calm in mum’s (and soon, dad’s) pocket.

Selectivity – At-home sperm selection and intrauterine insemination, supported by two main medical devices using patented technology.

Stork Women – An on-demand, 24-hour continuity care and virtual pregnancy clinic, giving users access to midwives and pregnant/postpartum women on the platform.

Worry Tree – A mobile app-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tool that helps users manage their worries and build better-thinking habits, bringing long-term freedom from worry and negative thinking patterns.