Accountants can now access the business development training site KnowHow Club, a new online learning platform.

The platform has been created specifically for accountants in practice, delivering training through videos and downloadable resources, with new content added every week.

The Club has already attracted sponsorship from industry leaders and governing bodies, including the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), the Association of International Accountants (AIA), business finance firm Capitalise, Croner-i, Capium accounting software and QX Global.

The training is delivered by industry experts and practicing accountants who share best practice, real life experiences and insights into how to build a future-proofed accounting business, with 200 hours of CPD training already available.

Rather than technical content, the learning is designed to help accountants understand how to run their own business more successfully and offer better support to their clients.

AVN Inspiring Accountants managing director, Shane Lukas, is the founder of the new platform, having been involved in training accountants for 25 years.

When discussing the establishment of the Club, Lukas said: “We wanted to create a win-win-win scenario – for accountants and their clients and also for disadvantaged people in developing countries, as part of the subscription fee goes to charity.”

“We’ve made the Club super affordable and accessible, so accountants can easily update their business skills, run a better business themselves and help their clients do the same.”

“I passionately believe that accountants can make a profound difference to people’s lives. The training the Club provides helps them to do that.”

As more and more accountancy firms look to offer high value advisory services, they need to stay on top of best business practice.

Lukas and the team at AVN have stated that they “are confident that The Accountants KnowHow Club has a valuable part to play”.

Capitalise CEO, Paul Surtees, added: “We are delighted to support The Accountants KnowHow Club.”

“Over the past few years we’ve seen accountants embrace topics such as the importance of funding and credit scores for their clients. We’ve seen over £1.5bn of approved funding offers come from our accountancy channel, so the demand is there.

“Anything which gives them more knowledge and confidence to have conversations to support their clients is welcomed, as economic challenges continue.”