Accountants are struggling to find help with their wellbeing, according to a study by CABA which found only one-in-ten (9%) approached their GP or another professional, with the same amount seeing support on social media.

Although 44% of respondents noted that worries about their work or studies had affected their private life, more than a quarter (27%) of accountants had not taken action to tend to their wellbeing recently.

Over a two-week period the survey found:

  • half of respondents (50%) always or often felt exhausted or depleted of energy because of their job or their studies 
  • two-in-five (41%) said that their low energy levels made them feel unable to carry out their job effectively 
  • 54% agreed they had been finding it difficult to concentrate 
  • 39% were not regularly having 6.5-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, despite recommendations 
  • 40% stated that they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ felt relaxed and found it difficult to concentrate  

CABA mental health expert Kirsty Lilley said: “While social media can provide entertainment or helpful wellbeing tips which we might implement into our routine, maintaining our wellbeing is more complex than this. It’s important to seek the best help for you, which often takes the form of personalised, professionally provided support.”