A4S has launched the 2023 A4S Finance Leaders’ Sustainability Barometer to gauge, at a global level, the current understanding and attitudes of Chief Financial Officers and senior finance professionals on embedding sustainability into their decision-making processes. The results of this survey will track changes in attitudes over time and identify trends and ongoing gaps in skills and actions

The Barometer survey is available to senior finance professionals globally, is open until September, and will take 10 minutes to complete. A report on the 2023 findings will be published late Autumn.

Some key findings from the 2022 Barometer 

  • The 2022 Barometer Survey highlighted the gap between sustainability ambitions of the finance community and the work required to make them a reality. There was an agreement on the necessary direction, but when it came to ‘walking the talk’ there remained a sizable ambition gap. 
  • When it comes to capturing some of the opportunities related to ESG adoption, respondents fully expect the CFO to step up to the plate. But there was also a clear opportunity for CFOs to build finance teams that are fit for the future through technology, skills and capacity building: 
    – Leadership ambitions and the day-to-day operations do not match up.
    – The more senior respondents backed ambition; however, this did not seem to be fully communicated to the rest of the staff. With staff retention being such a key driver for change, CFOs should look to improve internal communication and the culture of the finance team. 
  • Nature is falling behind as a priority. Providing solutions to tackle climate change and improving diversity, equity and inclusion is now firmly in the sights of the finance community as the biggest opportunity. However, dealing with the drastic decline in nature is comparatively behind.